Birth Of Eve  


Name: Birth Of Eve
Medium: Bronze
Date Made: 1958
Dimensions: 057*059*028
Cast: 1 of 1
Jacob's Ladder
Job 1
Jacob Wrestling with the Angel Sketch
Jacob Wrestling with the Angel
Expulsion From The Garden Of Eden

Wald created this work of art in empathy with his wife, Vera, during her pregnancy with their youngest child, Louis. It shows an arched Adam giving life to Eve from his body, which grows from the earth. The arched figures reveal the decisive influence of Chilean-born sculptor Totila Albert (1892 – 1967), whom Wald encountered in Berlin in 1930. Wald describes the work:

 “ when Adam was waylaid with multi-limbed branching roots into the earth. As if by an unknown command, Eve blossoms out of him - from his ribs – like a strange and beautiful flower unto which G-d has breathed the dew of life. In the sculpture, I have emphasised Eve’s hair to look like tendrils, trying to express with it the biological interdependence between sexes…’

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