La Femme  


Name: La Femme
Medium: Bronze
Date Made: 1969
Dimensions: 076*023*017
Cast: 5 of 6
La Femme Sketch 1
La Femme Sketch 2
Embrace 3
Man and His Soul

La Femme is, in many ways, a culmination of Wald’s ideological, erotic, abstract and spiritual exploration of the human body. It represented the first of a trio of abstract sculptures on the themes of Sex, Hunger and Conquest. According to the artist, these were the three driving forces of humankind. 

Wald exploited once again the male-female ambiguity in this work. The elongated female figure, abstracted to a bare minimum of contours, represents an inverted view of the shape of a phallus, the male and female having fused into one being. It is almost identical to Princess X (1916) by Romanian-born French sculptor Constantin Branscusi (1876-1957).

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