Lovers 1, The  


Name: Lovers 1, The
Medium: Bronze
Date Made: 1963
Dimensions: 089*014*014
Cast: 3 of 6
Embrace 3
Embrace 1 (horizontal), The
Tete A Tete
Lovers 3, The
See Saw
Man and Woman

The artwork shows, in Wald’s words, ‘the entwined figures of a man and woman reaching upwards, in striving towards greater achievements’. The ‘flame-like’ form evokes the term figura serpentinata which is an Italian phrase literally translated as the ‘serpentine figure’. It is used to describe a human figure which spirals around a central axis, so that the lower limbs face in one direction and the torso almost in the opposite direction, in a graceful if sometimes contorted pose. Sculptures in this form are designed for multiple viewpoints.  

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