Rabbi, Shamash And Gabba  


Name: Rabbi, Shamash And Gabba
Medium: Bronze
Date Made: 1952
Dimensions: 044*032*019
Cast: 2 of 6
Argument, The
Chassidic Dance
Pinch Of Snuff
Musicians 2, The
Scholar, The

This is a humorous example of Herman Wald’s Eastern European genre pieces depicting a happy trio of Chassidic Jews. Clothed in somewhat shabby garments which bear witness to their poverty they emerge in harmonious unison slightly inebriated from the wine which has propelled them into an elevated sphere, while they cling to each other for support. The two smaller figures wearing shtreimels (Chassidic head gear) are dwarfed by a Tevya-like giant in his worker’s cap who is engaged in a discussion with the Almighty.

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