Returning To Mothers Womb  


Name: Returning To Mothers Womb
Medium: Plaster
Date Made: 1950
Dimensions: 047*052*032
Mother And Child 2
Mother And Child 3
Mother Mourning Son 1 (maquette)
Prodigal Son
Mourning Mother with Dead Son
Chain of Life

This work is an explicitly maternal image and a manifestation of the archetypal Mother Goddess. An emaciated male crawls into the womb of the featureless mother. Her head is turned sideways as if in the act of mourning.  Her womb, framed by her large and life-giving breasts, acts as a receptacle which receives again the body of the son to whom she gave birth. This sculpture testifies to the sorrow which Wald felt after the Holocaust and his longing for his own mother who had most probably perished at Auschwitz. 

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