Name: Sanctum
Medium: Wood
Date Made: 1951
Dimensions: 248*868*010
Jacob's Ladder
Job 1
Jacob Wrestling with the Angel Sketch
Jacob Wrestling with the Angel
Birth Of Eve

This screen was created for the choir section of the synagogue in Springs. It is a metaphor for the different facets of Jewish history and devotion, symbolized by the hands offering their traditional prayer. The menorah (seven-armed candelabra) recalls the siege of the Jerusalem Temple under the Roman emperor Titus as it was carried through the streets of Rome in pagan triumph. Branches of the lulav (used on the festival of Succot) light its flames, showing that despite the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple, it is still burning. A fountain is depicted with the tablet of the Ten Commandments flanked by the Lion of Judah. The entire composition is embraced by a prayer shawl whose fringes symbolize the four corners of the world.

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