Tete A Tete  


Name: Tete A Tete
Medium: Ceramic
Date Made: 1968
Dimensions: 021*051*022
Embrace 3
Embrace 1 (horizontal), The
Lovers 1, The
Lovers 3, The
See Saw
Man and Woman

In this work Herman Wald has manifested the archetype of the unio mystica, the divine union of man and woman.  Their bodies blend in a way that each one loses its individual identity and they become one. Herman Wald at this point has reached an affinity  with Constantin Brancusi’s extreme reduction to the purest form in order to reach its metaphysical  essence. The force of love is represented by  the archetypal symbol of  the cosmic egg which appears in many creation myths as a symbol of birth, growth and transfiguration. 

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