Zero Hour  


Name: Zero Hour
Medium: Fibre Glass
Date Made: 1966
Dimensions: 087*033*019
Zero Hour Study
Argument, The
Muse, The
Pinch Of Snuff
Musicians 2, The
Rat Race, The

The work shows a man in the act of destroying himself by plunging a sword into his body. The upright figure’s torso and knees are structured into cubistic planes which are almost evocative of a knight’s armour. The machine aesthetic of this work could refer to the anxieties of the Vietnam War and the Cold War with its threat of a nuclear catastrophe. This sculpture suggests a resemblance to the style of Vorticism, a literary and artistic movement that flourished in Britain between 1912 and 1915. It is reminiscent of the Rock Drill (1913-1914) by British sculptor Jacob Epstein (1880-1959), who had such an enduring influence on Wald.


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